When you donate your clothing or household goods, you might not be aware of how many people that single charitable act really helps. Even old, used clothing gains valuable new life as a donation, with plenty of use that extends many years beyond those spent in your closet. Here are some of the most important individuals and groups that benefit from your clothing and household item donations.


The thrift store that receives your donations donates a portion of the proceeds from their sale to a charity or charities. In turn, these charities use that money to help support individuals that need care, emergency assistance, research and more. Much like the store employees, that money helps create job positions in the charity itself, as well.


Your gently used items are sold at a discount in thrift stores, which in turn enables shoppers that may not have a large budget to still snag a great deal. In the case of donated uniforms, scrubs, career wear, or other semi-specialized clothing, individuals in the industry are able to get proper clothing for their jobs, regardless of how modest their income may be.

Thrift Store Employees

When you donate, you’re ensuring that clerks, cashiers, stockers, and more all have a job. Your donations need to be processed, prepared for sale and sold to the public, which means that your old t-shirts and mismatched lamps are actually helping make much-needed jobs that boost the local economy.

The Environment

If you were to simply discard your used clothing and household goods, they would hurt the environment. Chemicals found in disposed items mix into landfill soils and groundwater as they break down. On the other hand, donated items are processed and sold to new users, or recycled responsibly to minimize their impact on the planet. When shoppers buy used items, they’re also reducing the demand for new items, reducing pollution caused by manufacturing items, too. So, one old t-shirt has the potential to impact your local community, economy and ecosystem. When you donate rather than discard, you’re ensuring that impact is a positive one!